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  • "Land trusts are at the forefront of reshaping the agricultural landscape in Connecticut. They can be a leader supporting and promoting new and beginning farmers by providing access to farmland." Read more on Wintonbury Land Trust and Hawk Hill Preserve
  • "Connecticut’s conservation community is at the forefront of reshaping the agricultural landscape throughout the region and increasing farmers’ access to prime farmland. Land trusts serve as both leaders and potential game changers in how effectively and successfully farmers will be able to increase food production to meet the ever-growing demand for local food." Read more on The Nature Conservancy and Sunny Valley Preserve

Provider Farm
Provider Farm
Sub Edge Farm
Sub Edge Farm


Improving Access to Farmland in Connecticut

(Webinar for farmland owners/farm seekers, featuring Kip Kolesinskas, with Rachel Murray of Land for Good)

Southbury Training School
Kip Kolesinskas - Soil Assessment at Southbury Farms

Kip Kolesinkas, serves as the Land Conservation Specialist for the UConn Extension Scaling UP Program, providing assistance to the new and beginning farmer community. Kip is the lead for the Farmland ConneCTions component of the Program which provides land access training, outreach, linking, matchmaking, and site assessment services. Since 2012 Kip Kolesinskas has also provided conservation based consulting services to agencies, non profits, farmers and landowners throughout New England. Much of the focus of this work has been on efforts to improve land access and affordability and to provide technical services to new and beginning farmers. Prior to consulting, Kip worked for USDA NRCS for 34+ years, including as State Soil Scientist for CT and RI where he gained knowledge about federal and state programs available to farmers.

Email Kip or (860) 878-0393