Farm Management Trainings & Resources

Design Fundamentals for Greenhouse and High TunnelsJohn Bartok at TAC


Engineering for Storage of Winter Crops

Farm Machinery and Storage Sheds

Farm Scale Irrigation SystemsBuild Your Network13-2

Pasture Management

Safe & Effective Uses of Organic Pesticides

Tractor Operation, Maintenance and Safety

Other Resources


Successful Build Your Network, Grow Our Future

We had 113 new farmers and service providers attend “Build Your Network, Grow Our Future!” The BYNGOF conference was a very successful day, providing new farmers and agriculture service providers with a day of learning together about key programs as well as resource needs for farmers just getting started in CT!

Tractor Operation, Safety, & Basic Maintenance Workshop

This was a two-day class designed to educate and empower current or future users of agricultural tractors and farm equipment. During the class, they demystified tractors to  improve their understanding of how tractors are designed to work; how to operate them safely and effectively; and how to perform regular and basic maintenance tasks.

This class will covered a lot of important material – in a classroom as well as hands-on experience with both diesel & gasoline engine tractors. Shane LaBrake, from Maryland taught two 8 hour sessions w/Steve Olsen at UConn’s Research Farm in Storrs. Shane LaBrake is a Maryland farmer who has taught his agricultural tractor maintenance course to more than 50 farm organizations in the Northeast. Steve Olsen, is UConn’s Research Farm Manager.

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