BF 240: Safe and Effective Use of Pesticides for Organic and Conventional Producers

Trainer – Mary Concklin, Fruit Crops Specialist and Integrated Pest Management Educator, UConn Extension

Mary develops Integrated Pest Management (IPM) educational programs for fruit growers statewide, conducts applied research, and teaches tree fruit and small fruit training classes for the UConn Master Gardener program. She is also the state coordinator for the NEWA weather system (Network for Environment and Weather Applications).


Training Objective

This course will cover the different types of pesticides available for organic and non-organic growers, understanding the label, the law, REI, PHI, appropriate use, precautions, PPE, storage and handling and more.


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This project is sponsored by the USDA-NIFA Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program Award #2016-70017-25416