BF 221: Tractor Safety & Maintenance (English or Spanish)

Trainer – Shane LaBrake, Tractor & Small Engine Specialist

Training Objective

This is a two-day class designed to educate and empower current or future users of agricultural tractors and farm equipment. It appeals to new and beginning farmers, and has proven valuable to many seasoned professionals – some of whom were never formally schooled on tractors. During the class, the instructor will demystify tractors and improve understanding of how tractors are designed to work; how to operate them safely and effectively; and how to perform regular and basic maintenance tasks.

The class covers a lot of material – in a classroom setting, on and around the tractor, and “in the workshop.” While it would be very difficult to ensure full competency or mastery within two days, the attendees will leave with a much greater appreciation for safe tractor use and machinery care, along with new knowledge and resources they can apply to their own situations.

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This project is sponsored by the USDA-NIFA Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program Award #2016-70017-25416