BF 220: Safety & Maintenance for Small Engines & Power Tools (English or Spanish)

Trainer – Shane LaBrake, Tractor & Small Engine Specialist


Training Objective

This six-hour class is designed to provide a basic understanding of how small engines work. There will be a review of the 2-cycle and 4-cycle process with actual engines to demonstrate how these engines work, and tips on how best to maintain them. Like many machines, these tools are as readily misused or abused as they are used properly, and lack of maintenance often leads to expensive repair or replacement. The instructor will review safe and proper use, as well as daily care and routine maintenance procedures. He will also address a vexing issue for many novices and experienced users alike: starting procedures and using the choke.
With such a variety of small engine machines on the market, it is almost impossible to address all of the potential repair issues on these little workhorses. So rather than focus on actual repair, the class is designed to provide a deeper understanding of how they work and how they are meant to be used, and how proper use and regular maintenance can prevent most repair issues. In lieu of actual repair, the class will cover trouble-shooting small engine issues, and some basic repair steps to correct for some of the more common problems. There will be handouts, and participants are encouraged to bring their own small engine machines (and the manuals!) for demo and review (time permitting).

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This project is sponsored by the USDA-NIFA Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program Award #2016-70017-25416