• What Farmers are saying about our programming....Farmer Gatherings: Being able to discuss the season’s highs and lows with people who “get it”, that’s what creates the sense of community and makes me feel less alone as a farmer....Every meeting has resulted in something that has bettered my farming - from first hand reviews of tools I’m looking to invest in, to crop varieties that are favorites or duds, to finding solutions for better record keeping.
  • What farmers are saying about our programming: UConn Extension has already been so helpful to us during this whole process it couldn't be overstated how much the resources you guys offer have assisted us. We seriously appreciate all that you do and recognize how much it has helped us in getting our farm started.
  • What farmers are saying about our programming: One-on-one Consultations: The consult was incredibly helpful, and your advice has really helped us focus and lower the stress of planning for next year.
  • What farmers are saying about our programs: I appreciated that flexibility, being able to walk our fields with Joe who is full of both theoretical and practical knowledge, have him be able to notice things, comment on what he saw, that turned out to be really helpful for us. We changed our grazing plan for the rest of the season and it will impact the way we will graze this upcoming season as well.
  • What farmers are saying about our programs: Ag-Mechanics Class: Tom is an incredible instructor. He was kind, patient, thorough, and very knowledgeable. He was very trusting of the participants, empowering us to apply the new knowledge we had acquired. I believe we all walked away feeling like we had gained a very valuable new skill. Tom is an asset to UConn extension!
  • What farmers are saying about our programming: Agro-Ecology class: The tour was incredible; I really appreciated the tour style taking us through each stage of his farming operation and being open enough to share his methods in great detail. I also especially appreciated the explanation of the equipment and tools he uses, for what purpose and how often he used/uses them both in the beginning of the no-till transition and now, years later.

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